‘Life rewards people who respect life.’ amazon reviews for Being in oneness

Format: Paperback

Indian born British author Suresh Purushothaman was born in Pondicherry. He now lives in London. He was an entrepreneur and worked for various large Corporations. As he states, ‘I have seen success and failures in my life. I have experienced many emotional and financial challenges, and I have come out unscathed.’ He was observed for the possible presence of lung cancer, only to discover that he was disease free. ‘I started to write everything I wanted to say about life and how I achieved true happiness. These thoughts came like little phrases from my heart, so I decided to keep them in the same format. I have written this to share my thoughts with people seeking happiness in the truest sense. Here is my life knowledge they can sample from, take inspiration from, or try in their own life; this is not a formula for life. These are simply signposts you can use in your journey of life.’

And so he shares his thoughts with us, a sense of being in oneness with himself and the universe. The thoughts he shares are offered with beautiful color photographs of nature. Some of the thoughts are shared here: ‘Success in life is not about wealth. It is about how wealthy you have become in understanding yourself and your life.’‘The essence of life is not about you. It’s about how you make a difference to others in their lives.’ ‘Love and life are so interlinked that one cannot live without the other. Start loving yourself and others, and life will start loving you.’ ‘Life is not always about success! Life is all about living your life fully and beautifully for one reason: the love of life!’ ‘Dying is not the end of your life. In the flow of life, dying is a stone to cross over, like the many stones the river crosses over before it reaches the ocean of calmness.’

These are but a few of the examples from this quiet book of inspirational thoughts. Keep it nearby when your psyche and your soul are in need – and share it with those you love. It is a rich and radiant book by a man who lives life fully. Grady Harp, August 15



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