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By Janet G. Patao on July 27, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Simple little book of short phrases, great to read the inspiring quotes accompanied by beautiful pictures which make you reflect on the thoughts. It starts to look at life in different angles and focuses on achieving oneness in your life. This is a different book, not a book of theories. It’s a simple little book of short inspiring phrases which shakes you and make you reflect on your life in a more coherent way. I will not agree with one of the negative feedback. Everyone has individual issues and medical challenges which cannot be washed away by reading a book. I read the preface and found that the author himself has gone through many financial and medical challenges.
What this book does is to make you come out of the ongoing issues and look at it from outside and start looking at life differently. I think the beautiful pictures accompanying the quotes is to make you reflect on the phrases, not a calendar as someone has said. I can only say it’s an intelligent book, formatted differently. Author says that he tried to capture his thoughts as it appeared, he decided to leave it as short phrases in its original form, to keep the originality of the thoughts and also it will be easy to understand and reflect. I always read the preface to know why the author wrote this book. I am inspired by this author’s genuine reason and the original message he wants to bring to this world. If you are looking for something original, new age thoughts and not the usual run of the mill stuff, this little book is a great read.

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