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I do believe that we are all on a journey of sorts and that the journey itself is to a place of awakening or finding a higher state of consciousness. It seems that, for most people, it takes a dramatic event or series of difficult circumstances in order to become willing to take a look at changing our way of thinking. That has been my experience at least and I found it interesting to read about author Suresh Purushothaman’s similar experiences in the his heartfelt book, “Being in Oneness”.
After having a health scare, Purushothaman decided to finally write down his ideas about life and happiness. This wonderful book is the result and I found it to be quite inspirational and uplifting. As someone who has studied The Law of Attraction in great detail, I am a firm believer that our thoughts rule our existence and this is a central theme in many of the passages of this book. There are many wonderful, and original, passages about subjects like success, achievement, life, happiness, fear, and much more. I loved that the author doesn’t simply stress the notion that we have to be mindful of our thoughts but that there are some ideas about taking action as well that are sure to bring about a change in consciousness. One of these is being of help and service to your fellow man.This was a delightful read that provides inspiration at every turn and even has some stunning images throughout. I will continued to refer back to this one in my daily readings.



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